2 Effective Ways to Win Friends & Influence People

“When God provides a tool, He expects us to use it for His glory and the redemption of His people,” according to Pastor Brandon Cox.

If Jesus, His Disciples, or The Apostle Paul were here, they’d log on to Facebook and Twitter.  Why?  It’s today’s tool to reach people far from Christ.  Currently, I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and The Urban Pastor Blog.  Today, I’d like to share why I use Facebook and Twitter.

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“Facebook is more than a tool for ministry, It’s an entire toolbox,” according to Pastor Brandon Cox. I use it to make Jesus famous and piqué the interest of people and draw them into a conversation about life. I have a personal profile and a professional page.

I use my profile page to inspire and encourage people, talk about what I love – family, friends, favorite shows and restaurants, and my faith in Christ. Some of my posts are serious and some are funny. I use my professional page to promote Mars Hill Baptist Church, share leadership tips & tools, while sharing links to relevant articles and blogs. As I learn more about the reach of Facebook, my next goal is to use Facebook advertising to reach new audiences.


As the Roman road system opened the way for the spread of Christianity in the first three centuries, Twitter is another great opportunity to communicate far beyond what we thought possible. Like any other medium, some use Twitter for evil, but it is not intrinsically bad.  Like Thom Rainer, “I’m on Twitter to encourage, inspire, advise, and add value to people’s lives.”

Like Dr. Albert Mohler, “I see Twitter as a wonderful tool and a wonderful opportunity. I use Twitter because I find it’s a powerful (if sometimes perplexing) means of connecting. I am able to pass things along and make some points to people who I would otherwise never reach. I hope this makes a Great Commission impact and serves a wholesome Kingdom purpose.”

If you’re not using Facebook and/or Twitter, it’s time to stand up and join the conversation. But as you step forward, there are some important guidelines and principles to remember:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Engage in the conversation
  3. Give hope and inspiration

Remember, “When God provides a tool, He expects us to use it for His glory and for the redemption of His people.”

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