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The VisualCV makes a traditional resume come alive with video,
pictures and a portfolio of your best work samples and other supporting
documents.  Informational pop-ups provide background data on the
companies you’ve worked at and the colleges you’ve attended.  You can
securely share different versions with your own network of employers,
colleagues and friends, and control who sees what.

The Curriculum vitae (CV) dates back to 1902.  The shortened form used in the United States and referred to as a resume was adopted shortly after World War 2.  Either way, it’s a document format that
has not changed in decades, even though the Internet has revolutionized
the way in which we use and share resumes.

In a practice that continues in some professions today, job candidates used to bring to a first interview a portfolio
of compelling samples of their work, along with written references,
college transcripts, and documents detailing things like personality
tests, awards and even salary details.

typically screen candidates through phone and in-person first
interviews. Typically these interviews cover a standard set of
questions, which today can easily be captured in a video or audio file
housed on the Web.

VisualCV brings
both the CV and the resume into the modern Web 2.0 world by
transforming the way in which resume data is presented, accessed and


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