Are YOU There Yet?

In 2005, Ice Cube (Nick) and Nia Long (Suzanne) starred in the hit comedy movie, “Are We There Yet?” Nick’s attracted to Suzanne and offers to drive her two very annoying children from Portland to Vancouver.  The trip’s a disaster from the outset as the three face numerous mishaps while entertaining the nagging question, “Are we there yet?”  As a parent who’s gone on numerous road trips with children, they have trouble understanding distance and how much time it takes to actually get ‘there.’

In his book, “Maximize The Moment,” Bishop T.D. Jakes references a “place called there.”  It’s not a neighborhood.  You can’t find it on a map.  Money, education, or influence can’t get you there.  There is the place God intended for us to be spiritually, relationally, financially, etc.  It’s God’s destiny for us and once you’ve been touched by destiny, your relentless pursuit begins.

You and I are not alone in our quest to get ‘there.’  In 1 Kings 17: 1-10, we find a word that’s often overlooked and ignored.  That little word is ‘there.’  It’s used no less than four times.  We see it first hand when God informs Elijah to remain by the brook and the ravens would feed him ‘there.’

Next, he’s told to arise and go to Zaraphet and dwell ‘there’ and a widow will sustain him…the widow was found where?  There!  I can imagine what you’re thinking, “What’s the importance of this little word – ‘there.’  It’s very important and this story reveals what Elijah needed was not where he was, it was in Zaraphet.  And it was the place where he found the abiding presence and abundant blessings of God.

What’s the lesson:


As we go from day-to-day, we must realize that our ‘there’ is subject to change at any given moment.  However, if we remain in His presence, our ‘there’ is secure.  God commanded Moses to “follow the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.”

Additionally, the words “faith” and faithfulness” are mentioned throughout Scripture and form the foundation of Christianity.  Consequently, those who walk close with God must always seek His presence.  Why?  His presence provides clarity and provides a reference point to begin!  I’ll say that again: HIS PRESENCE PROVIDES CLARITY.  Get in His presence and you’ll get to your ‘there.’

Question:  Are YOU there yet?

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  1. Hey Brenda,

    I don’t know how I missed this comment, but, I’m on it now!

    Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you enjoyed the post & what’s happening @ Mars Hill. I was “super-excited” to hear that you’ve graduated from attending church to attending “worship.” I agree – God has great things in store for you and I can’t wait to hear about how He’s blessing in your life. Yes, you’re planted in the right place at the right time…so let’s do something great for God together!

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