Book Review: Healing Is A Choice

Life has a way of dealing us the wrong cards. Many of these cards come with painful circumstances which leave scars. Scars are visible reminders of a painful event in our lives. Steve Arterburn’s book, “Healing Is A Choice” shows us how to deal with our painful past.

In 11 chapters, Arterburn explores 10 choices we need to make if we are to experience the healing that comes from Christ. These Choices are as follows (these are also chapter titles):

  1. The Choice to Connect your life
  2. The Choice to Feel your life
  3. The Choice to Investigate Your Life in Search of Truth
  4. The Choice to Heal Your Future
  5. The Choice to Help Your Life
  6. The Choice to Embrace Your Life
  7. The Choice to Forgive
  8. The Choice to Risk Your Life
  9. The Choice to Serve
  10. The Choice to Preserve

I would recommend it for those who must look at their scars daily. “Healing is a Choice” provides a fresh touch from God. This book shouldn’t replace a pastoral counseling, but could be helpfully useful on your journey towards healing.


I received a copy of this book from Thomas Nelson via in exchange for this fair and honest review.

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