Hey JRW: It’s Not Your Fault – Learn From This

Hey JRW, it’s not your fault – the adults in charge failed you.

The adults in charge put together a questionable roster with ineligible players who lived outside the team’s approved boundaries. In response, officials of Little League International stripped JRW of its U.S. title and much more.

In youth sports, when adults knowingly cheat, kids lose.

Photo credit: MLB Blogs Network

As a father whose son plays baseball at the highest amateur level, baseball is very much an old school sport, much like golf, with unwritten rules. Whatever you do, don’t get caught cheating. It’ll come back & bite you.

The Real Reason Why You’re Broke | Part 2

People will tell you what’s on their mind if you ask.  A few weeks ago I asked this question on Facebook:

As you pursue your journey towards success, what obstacle, challenge, or problem keeps reoccurring that you’d like to resolve?

Overwhelmingly, the reoccurring challenge was financial. Since my personal vision is helping people get from here to there, the first step towards getting to your “there” is clearly defining where you are now. Recently, I shared the first reason why you’re broke is because you don’t have a budget. Remember, money without a direction will disappear. You can read it HERE. Now that you’ve caught your breath, let’s talk about the next reason why you’re broke…bad habits.



Work Hard – Dreams Come True

I didn’t attend worship last Sunday at the Mars Hill Baptist Church because I was being a father.

My son Josh & I were on a requiting trip at the University of Louisville. I’m excited to share pictures of his visit to the University of Louisville. It was an exciting trip and they have a great campus, field, and training facilities. The coaches were awesome and I love that they love to develop players & WIN!!! Enjoy it!

I No Longer Believe…

Recently, I had a chance to take an extended vacation (hard to pull off for pastors) and drive to the Cooperstown Dreams Park National Invitational Tournament in Cooperstown, NY.

Much like the National Baseball Hall of Fame for Major League baseball players, each participant, upon induction, receives the coveted American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame ring and officially becomes one of the Cooperstown Dreams Park Little Majors.  The Kodak photo of each player with his teammates is affixed to the Commemorative Induction Plaque for future enshrinement on the walls of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame.  Our family will cherish this moment for the rest of our lives!

Lemont Indians 2009

(Congratulations to Indians for finishing 10th out of 104 teams)

While away, I had a chance to reflect on life in general and the Lord revealed several foundational shattering truths that I plan to share in subsequent blog posts.  These truths challenged me to think about life in a different way and challenged long held beliefs that have become TRADITIONS.

The Most Difficult Job in the World is…

You guessed it – It’s PARENTING!!!

I’ve been thinking alot about parenting lately. Maybe it is because we have three kids at home, ages 6, 11, and 13.  I think everyone would admit that there is a point in a teen’s life
when the influence of his/her parents becomes less, and the influence
of their friends becomes greater.  It seems that the age at which the parents’ influence drops dramatically happens somewhere around 13- to 15-years old.

As I reflected on my life as a child, the influence I perceive that
I have with my own kids, and my informal survey, I charted it like

Parent Influence

As a parent, the awareness of loss of influence can be alarming if
you didn’t see it coming. So be warned young parents, I have just given
you a glimpse of the future.

Here is the key learning: Environments matter.  Who
my daughter is influenced by as a 15-year old is dependent greatly on
the environments that my wife and I placed her in as a 10- and 12- and
14-year old.

It’s a little early to tell whether we will survive life with
teenagers, but here is the advice I would give parents of pre-teens…

  • Get involved in a great church with strong youth leaders.
  • As they start middle school, don’t give them the option to stay home from the youth program.
  • Find a school that has strong values and where
    there is good chance they will be able to find solid friends. That
    might mean paying for private school or moving to a better school
  • Get them in situations where they are hanging with young adults who are following God.
  • Teach them the joy of serving when they are very young.
  • Let them participate in events where there is a good chance they might take a step spiritually.

Oh, and one last word of advice for those with teenagers—stop
lecturing and start listening. Stop giving direction and start asking

It’s your turn now…is my chart way off?