Hey JRW: It’s Not Your Fault – Learn From This

Hey JRW, it’s not your fault – the adults in charge failed you.

The adults in charge put together a questionable roster with ineligible players who lived outside the team’s approved boundaries. In response, officials of Little League International stripped JRW of its U.S. title and much more.

In youth sports, when adults knowingly cheat, kids lose.

Photo credit: MLB Blogs Network

As a father whose son plays baseball at the highest amateur level, baseball is very much an old school sport, much like golf, with unwritten rules. Whatever you do, don’t get caught cheating. It’ll come back & bite you.

Four Lessons I Learned From Google's Superbowl Ad

Congratulations to the Superbowl Champions New Orleans Saints – they deserve it!

Last Sunday, over 101 million people (surpassed the season finale of M.A.S.H.) tuned in and saw a great game.  Additionally, I’m led to believe the majority of those watching were equally interested in the commercials.  Many commercials made me laugh out loud (David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Leno & The E-Trade babies), while others confused me (men walking around in their underwear).

In my opinion, Google is the winner… Never thought a search engine would create emotion with a story just from searching…BRILLIANT!  You’ll notice the ad needs no catchy music, artwork, or flashy tricks to tell its story. They’re no gimmicks, no celebrity endorsement, no Photoshopped images, or any dubbed voices.

It’s the simplest of stories: A guy gets a girl.
Even shows you that you don’t have to know how to spell Louvre.

Here’s what I learned from Google’s ad:

  1. Their ad was simple
  2. Their ad showed the power of their product by demonstrating it
  3. Their ad told an entire story
  4. The Google logo was seen throughout. (Kinda nice to know who the actual advertiser is.)

What were your favorite Superbowl ads & what lessons did you learn from them?

I Played Hooky Yesterday…

Yesterday I was scheduled to blog, but a good friend invited me to attend yesterday’s Cubs vs. White Sox game.  How could I resist 🙂  The Cubs are what Chicago’s all about!  If you haven’t visited Wrigleyville during the summer, you don’t know what you’re missing.


The Cubs lost, but, I had a BLAST and I was looking forward to singing our song:  “Go Cubs Go.”  Check it out here! Well, I’m back and working hard on my next post.  In the meantime:

Go Cubs Go Towel

It's a Black Thing…

Now that I have your attention…

I'm proud to have attended & graduated from Jackson State University (a HBCU). At JSU, I learned the true meaning of struggle, brotherhood, and perseverance. Also, I had the chance to develop life-long relationships that continue today.

Personally, I chose to attend a HBCU to cultivate identity and community. Moreover, I wouldn't trade my HBCU experience for anything in the world.
After JSU, I attended PWI's (predominately White Institutions), but it was my JSU experience which shaped my life by strengthening the entrepreneur in me.

At JSU we were always encouraged to do our own thing, be strong, and trust God to grant you wisdom in all areas of life. Being in a place where educated Black people were the majority helped me to develop an "I can make it mentality."
Therefore, I will make my annual pilgrimage to Jackson, MS for a homecoming experience second to none. During this weekend, we will lay aside our titles, degrees, and become one. THIS IS SOMETHING THOSE WHO ATTENDED PWI's WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND…IT'S A BLACK THING… 

Care to share?

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