Have You Experienced Our OnDemand Worship Services?

If Netflix, Comcast, and Apple TV can offer programs, why can’t the church do likewise?

Our journey to live streaming began with the aforementioned question.  Offering OnDemand Worship Experiences allows busy adults to come together to worship and learn God’s word. We think of it as a strategy for busy adults to grow spiritually.  You can CLICK HERE to see what’s available NOW.

I Had These Friends

What’s your story when it comes to relationships? Who are your friends? Whether you’re 2 or 72, it’s all about who is influencing your life.

So often, when someone’s life heads down the wrong path, they can look back to where it started to go wrong and say, “I had these friends…” God wants us all to move from “I had these friends…” to “I have these friends…”

The right friends in life take us to the right places. And they help our lives down the right path. Where do you find “I have these friends…” kind of friends?

I Had These Friends

You can CLICK HERE to see what’s available NOW and invite a friend to worship OnDemand.

Let’s Light It Up

To demonstrate the impact these people would make on their world, Jesus used two common illustrations: salt and light. Jesus’ followers would be like salt in that they would create a thirst for greater information. A light is meant to shine and give direction. A concealed lamp, placed under a bowl (a clay container for measuring grain) would be useless.

Let's Light It Up

We are called to light up the world! Light, by nature, penetrates darkness.

Are you ready to ‪#‎LightItUp‬?  You can CLICK HERE to see what’s available NOW and invite a friend to worship OnDemand.




How to Make The Sermon Stick Past Sunday

Give Me 10 Minutes and I'll Show You a Strategy That Will Keep Your Congregation Talking About Your Sermon Beyond Sunday

Leading a church in Chicago, IL is tough.

It’s even tougher during our brutal winters. So what does a pastor to do when the temperature dips below zero, and the wind chill factor dips to double digits? Cancel service? Oh no! We’re the City of Broad Shoulders, and we don’t dare cancel services due to inclement weather.

Imagine making your sermons stick past Sunday? Imagine a proven strategy to get members and guests engaging with your messages long after Sunday. Are you interested? If so, read on.

Hand holding tablet with Live Streaming word on wood table ,Internet marketing concept..

My generation experienced the election of the first African-American President, the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, Desert Storm, Iraq War, historic government bailouts, the passing of healthcare reform, and the greatest economic downturn since The Great Depression. However, in my opinion, the greatest shifts are happening now!

You Can’t Have It Both Ways, It’s Either All or Nothing

New Message Series For 2016

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, “I’m All In or All or Nothing?”

Originally and still a poker metatphor, ‘all in’ has also come to mean a situation whose subject is unreservedly involved, without qualification. Fully committed. In this sense the term “all in” is almost the same as its denotative opposite, “all out,” as in all-out warfare.

When many people think of church membership, they may think that it just means their name is on a roll at a church. And in some churches it means you were baptized or dedicated at that church. But it’s actually much more than that.


It’s about an attitude, not an action.

In my new message series for 2016, I’m laying out the basic principles for what it means to be “ALL IN.”

  • All In
  • It’s Not About me…It’s All About Him
  • In Order to Go Up, I Must be Prayed Up.
  • As For Me and My House, It’s Settled.
  • Sit or Serve…It’s a Choice

Why waste your life when you can make something of your life? If you wait, life will probably pass you by. But if you go out and do the things you want to, take the risks you fear, you may just find that everything falls into place. Join us each Sunday in January at the Mars Hill Baptist Church of Chicago at 8 AM or 10:30 AM. It’s a safe place to hear a dangerous message.

Question: What would it take for you to be “All In” in 2016 Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

What to do When There’s Bad Blood

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November 15, 2015

Bad Blood is defined as having unpleasant feelings or animosity between people.

No matter how badly you want peace, there are some relationships that may never be fully restored. But doing this one thing can help you find peace about any relationship.

Bad Blood

Photo Credit: Twibbon

If you’ve ever experienced “Bad Blood” in a relationship and want to know what to do, find a quite place and listen to “Bad Blood.”   You will laugh, think, and come away with a solid strategy. You can CLICK HERE to listen NOW!

I’d love to hear your thoughts?

3 Solid Reasons Why You Should Go To Church

Some believe the local church is dead and that her best days are behind her. The church is not dead, its alive. Her best days are now and ahead. I believe, as Bill Hybels says, “the local church is the hope of the world.”

I grew up attending church. Many of my earliest memories are times spent at the Mars Hill Baptist Church of Chicago, with church people, or in church services. So when I meet people who aren’t regular attenders it’s a surprise to find that sometimes they don’t know why you might be a part of it.

Go to church

Why go to church? What’s the benefit of attending regularly? When you understand the “why” it makes it easier to understand the “when” and “where.”

Mars Hill Baptist Church: A Great Place Filled With Great People

On Sunday, January 13, 2013, the Mars Hill Baptist Church of Chicago launched “Water Sunday.”  It’s part of our global outreach strategy to make Christ know to the “uttermost parts of the world.”  I want to personally thank Shauntai Stowers, my wife and leader of our Women of Worth Ministry for leading this initiative.  They did an outstanding job leading and organizing this initiative.

The lack of safe water and adequate sanitation worldwide is a crisis.  This crisis steals the lives of 5,500 people each day – more than war, natural disasters, AIDS or hunger. This crisis rarely makes the headlines – it is today’s silent killer.

Water Sunday1

We challenged our members & guests to skip their regularly purchased beverages and have water instead. And then for four weeks, take the money that they would normally spend on soda, coffee, tea, etc. and put it in one of these water bottles labeled “Water Mission Sunday.”

We had an OVERWHELMING response! 

Water Sunday4

Over a thousand adults & children decided to partner with us and provide safe drinking water to people in developing & devastated countries.  I’m proud of our members & guests who provided water bottles for everyone.

Water Sunday2

If you were not able to attend Sunday’s services or want additional bottles, you can pick them up Wednesday, January 16, 2013 during Diggin’ Deeper (7PM). We’re asking that you return your bottles on Sunday, February 10th filled with your sacrificial offering of at least $10.

Thank you Mars Hill & friends…you are great people!

Easter Weekend 2011 – "Just For Me"

The message of Easter is quite simple:  “Jesus Did It…Just For Me.”  He became the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE so that we may have a personal relationship with God.

At Mars Hill, we’re praying, planning, and preparing to serve thousands of people who will attend our Weekend services.  I’m kicking off a new series called “Simple As A. B. C.”  The message of Christianity is…well…quite SIMPLE.  In a time when religious leaders and a religious system made it increasingly complicated to connect with God, a teacher appeared whose message was profoundly . . . SIMPLE.

Bloom Where You're Planted

Quick!  How many have heard this phrase:

Bloom where you’re planted.

I heard this heard statement before and it’s about making the most of what you have and being content with your life.  Although I could not find the actual verse that bears directly on this statement, 1 Corinthians 7:17-24 suggest the idea of contentment.

Paul had been giving instruction in Chapter 7 regarding marital status. Apparently there was some level of discontent among the believers where there was an inordinate desire to change their state from single to married or from married to single.

Maybe those who were in mixed marriages were envious of those who were in Christian unions. Maybe those who were married wished that they were single so that they could serve the Lord more devotedly. In any case, Paul feels a need to pause and address the wider problem of contentment with your assigned role in life.

The Reason Why Praise Is Dangerous

I am amazed at all God did @ Mars Hill yesterday.  It officially goes down in history as one of my favorite Sunday’s of ALL TIME.  Why?  Spirit-filled men ignited praise that spontaneously spread throughout our congregation & in our overflow (on video).  Spiritually, God’s doing something ‘new’ and ‘powerful’ at our church and it blows my mind each Sunday.  I’m trying to wrap my head around and rationalize what God’s doing, but it’s difficult to explain an authentic “move of God.”

The Request Lines Are Now Open

I grew up in an era when radio stations would open their request lines (usually late night) for listeners to call in and hear their favorite songs.  Listeners would share what’s on their hearts or dedicate special songs to their loved ones.  Lately I’ve noticed how many cable stations such as BET, MTV, & VH1 allow their viewers to do the same.

Well, since it works for radio and Cable TV stations, I thought it would be a great to hear from YOU!   Each year in November our team breaks away for our annual teaching calendar planning retreat where we lay out a general idea of where we sense God wants to take us over this next year in terms of teaching and subject matter.   For two weeks, we will spend the next several hours focusing on praying, planning, and brainstorming.  So please pray for us!

But here’s my BIG question for all of you….

What topics/subjects would YOU like to hear teaching on?

I’d love to hear your ideas!  So please leave a comment!

Maybe your feedback will spark a great idea for Mars Hill or even others over this next year!