Imitate At Your Own Risk


Recently I read an article in Outreach magazine and the feature was an interview with Erwin McManus, pastor of Mosaic in Los Angeles, CA.  He said something so profound that literally stopped me in my tracks.  He said, “I think a lot of pastors have a dream that matches the life of the pastor who is living the dream they want.” Wow, that statement made me think!

I believe there is a temptation to copy others both professionally and in ministry. 

Honestly, we all wrestle with it as much as anyone else.  Personally, I believe we all need models and I have my fair share.  I once heard someone say, “why be a cheap copy when you can be a great original.”

Here are two simple principles to guide you:

  1. Keep learning
  2. Be Yourself

At some point, many people stop learning and start copying.  It is so much easier & requires less work!  We stop using the creative portion of our brain and copy what we believe is best.  Consequently, that is when we stop creating the future and start repeating the past.

In closing, here’s a simple reminder:

There never has been and there never will be anyone like you.

It’s a testament to the God who created you.


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One thought on “Imitate At Your Own Risk

  1. Learning is the key. We are who we are because of what we see and what we learn. If we only see, and never learn, then we become cheap copies, but once we begin to LEARN from what we see, we become unique and original

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