Life Lessons From America’s Hottest TV Show – Scandal

Scandal + Facebook is equal to The Wells in Jesus’ day…the place where everyone gathered to catch up on what’s happening.  Since Jesus met the woman at the well, I’m following his cue.  Last week, I decided to have some fun & teach life lessons during Scandal’s return.  What began as a joke, turn into something special.


Here’s my first installment of Life’s Lesson’s from Scandal:

  1. Scandalous Lesson #1: Power is a lot like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.
  2. Scandalous Lesson #2: Friends make the worst enemies. Ask Vice President Sally…Fitz would’ve saw that coming if he wasn’t slobbing Olivia down.
  3. Scandalous Lesson #3: Love makes you do crazy things. I’m pretty good at this 😀
  4. Scandalous Lesson #4: There are two kinds of pain. The sort of pain that makes you strong. Or, the sort of pain that’s causes suffering….Olivia’s dad is wallowing in the latter.
  5. Scandalous Lesson #5: Here’s what Olivia’s dad was really saying: After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to allow others to reduce us to. Also, when the horse is dead (Pres. Fitz); dismount & move on.
  6. Scandalous Lesson #6: The story of Quinn teaches what happens when you’re gifted, but not wise. You can be the smartest in the room & have no clue how to apply what you know. That takes wisdom.
  7. Scandalous Lesson #7: Everyone needs a Huck in their lives…that crazy/genius person who’ll knock down ANYTHING & ANYONE who tries to harm you. Like Jesus, everyone needs a Peter in their circle.
  8. Scandalous Lesson #8: Here’s what Millie was really saying: “After they’re finished playing, they almost always come back home.”
  9. Scandalous Lesson #9: Olivia & Fitz please read Jeremiah 17:9; 29:11. The head has to legislate the heart because it has the ability to lead us down wrong paths. The heart blinds to what we MUST do…not what we WANT to do.
  10. Scandalous Lesson #10: Pastors must not insulate or isolate themselves from culture.

We must engage in culture. Jesus would do that. We must meet people where they are & help them discover their path to an abundant life. That’s why I’m watching #Scandal

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