Mars Hill Baptist Church: A Great Place Filled With Great People

On Sunday, January 13, 2013, the Mars Hill Baptist Church of Chicago launched “Water Sunday.”  It’s part of our global outreach strategy to make Christ know to the “uttermost parts of the world.”  I want to personally thank Shauntai Stowers, my wife and leader of our Women of Worth Ministry for leading this initiative.  They did an outstanding job leading and organizing this initiative.

The lack of safe water and adequate sanitation worldwide is a crisis.  This crisis steals the lives of 5,500 people each day – more than war, natural disasters, AIDS or hunger. This crisis rarely makes the headlines – it is today’s silent killer.

Water Sunday1

We challenged our members & guests to skip their regularly purchased beverages and have water instead. And then for four weeks, take the money that they would normally spend on soda, coffee, tea, etc. and put it in one of these water bottles labeled “Water Mission Sunday.”

We had an OVERWHELMING response! 

Water Sunday4

Over a thousand adults & children decided to partner with us and provide safe drinking water to people in developing & devastated countries.  I’m proud of our members & guests who provided water bottles for everyone.

Water Sunday2

If you were not able to attend Sunday’s services or want additional bottles, you can pick them up Wednesday, January 16, 2013 during Diggin’ Deeper (7PM). We’re asking that you return your bottles on Sunday, February 10th filled with your sacrificial offering of at least $10.

Thank you Mars Hill & friends…you are great people!

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