Questions I Ponder Daily…


Questions I Ponder Daily…

#1 – How can I serve God with all my heart, mind, and soul…

#2 – How can I be a better husband…

#3 – How can I be a better father…

#4 – Is there anything in my life that I need to stop doing…

#5 – Is there anything in my life that I should start doing…

(By the way…the answer to #5 is YES…but in order for it to happen I REALLY need to wrestle with question #4!)

#6 – Will the majority of our members ever move from membership to discipleship…

#7 – How can I be more efficient in the way I use my time…

#8 – Why, out of all the people on this planet, is God allowing me to be a part of what He is doing…

#9 – Will I ever rejoin our denomination’s convention…

#10 – Will Mars Hill ever become a church with multiple locations…

So, what about you – what’s on your mind?

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12 thoughts on “Questions I Ponder Daily…

  1. Ahhh…so many questions. All of us ponder so many things. It’s the Unknown Factor. I have so many questions, there’s not enough room on this site’s data transfer to post them all. But thanks for sharing. It’s good to see when people can become more and more transparent.

  2. 1) Will I ever get married?
    2) Will I ever have children?
    3) Will I accomplish all my life’s goals?
    4) Will I ever be a size 10? (JK…not trying to be that small…a 16 will work!)
    5) God, how can I be a more relational/sympathetic person?
    6) I duplicate your numbers 4, 5 & 7
    7) What will propel me to be more excited about certain areas of my life again?
    Like Darius, there are many more things I ponder. But these are just a few off the top of my head. Enjoy this beautiful day!

  3. Questions I ponder daily……
    1) Will my husband ever move from being unchurched to a fully devoted follower of Christ?
    2) Will I ever know what it feels like to attend a Mars Hill worship service with my husband and son?
    3) Will God ever give my marriage an extreme makeover?
    4) I’m I doing everything I should to ensure that my son becomes a productive african american adult male?
    5) How can I be a better wife, to a unchurched husband?
    6) How can I be a better mother, to my son?
    Of course I have more questions I ponder but these are my top 6.

  4. EVERYDAY I struggle with the following questions:
    1. When will this assignment be complete so I can move on?
    2. When will God grant me the opportunity to execute this plan He has birth in me?
    3. How do I strengthen the Young Adult Fellowship when the young adult lack interest in Christian education?
    4. My very BEST girlfriends don’t go to church. Is there something wrong with my witness? What am I doing wrong and how can I be more effective?
    5. Where are all the single and saved heterosexual active church-going men ages 25-35?

  5. I thought of a funny one and had to come back and post. Why do we pronounce the ‘cycle’ in bicycle and motorcycle differently when they’re spelled the same? Well, maybe it’s not funny – but it’s something to ponder!

  6. Darius, great question – you gave me inspiration to post my “funny” list.
    Regarding questions 1,2,3, & 5, I stand in prayer with you…with God, all things are possible.” Please don’t settle on question #1
    Regarding question 5 – girl, do you…you know you can do it!!!
    I feel you angst…If God can stop Paul from killing Christians, surely He can grant you the desires of your heart. Regarding your son, keep doing what you’re doing…train up a child in the way HE should go…
    1. An assignment is over when the agreed upon goals are accomplished & there’s nothing else to do…
    2. Yes, the birthing comes with the following formula: vision creates a burden…the visionary feels/owns the burden and prepares herself (either through training, school, mentoring, etc)
    God creates an opportunity and provides the resources…the plan’s born!!! Read Nehemiah 1-7
    3. Spiritual transformation is subjective, takes time, and only God can change people. Know this…people will change when the level of pain exceeds the need to change. This is what I pray, “God, hurt them enough to change.”
    4. Are you trying to get them to attend your church or church period? Is there evidence that God’s working in your life? Pray the same prayer, “God hurt ’em.” Give me more info & I give you a better answer.
    5. I want to know too…

  7. Questions I ponder daily….
    1. How can I achieve my career goals in the next 5yrs w/o sacrificing my family?
    2. Is is really possible to “have it all?”
    3. If it is possible, how do you find balance?
    4. Who will we entrust to educate our son?
    5. Green tea or coffee?
    6. Who will I meet this week to add to my network?

  8. Tikisha,
    Thanks for your comments & welcome to my blog!
    Wow, great questions – you’re a very wise young woman.
    Personally, I believe you will come to a proverbial fork in the road where you’ll need to decide: career vs. family. Who says you can’t have both. However, it’s quite difficult to have BOTH at the same time. You’re young enough to devote the necessary time to your family (SOMETHING YOU’LL NEVER REGRET) and prepare for your career.
    Personally, I sacrificed becoming a “celebrity” preacher in order to be a husband, father, and a pastor. I do not regret my decision at all.
    Now that my kids are getting older & stable, I thought I wanted to go on the circuit, but, it’s no longer a goal. I’ve changed. For me, having it all for me is having a wholesome life that includes a family that loves me, doing what I love to do, traveling, while pastoring the greatest church in the world. For me, that’s having it all.

  9. Re: My very BEST girlfriends don’t go to church.
    I’ve only invited them to come to my church. And I think it’s difficult for them to see God’s work in my life because they haven’t been around long enough to see “the change” (so to speak). But as I prayed today (God, hurt them enough to change), I realized that God has open the door of opportunity a number of times, I just didn’t see it…or maybe I just chose not too. But my eyes are open now. Can’t wait to execute 🙂

  10. Que P.,
    Actually, I’m glad your friends don’t go to church – YET. Why? It gives you the opportunity to share your story. Here’s a suggestion:
    When you perceive an opening, try this:
    1. Share how your life was before you rededicated your life to Christ (i.e. out of control…doing my own thing…thought my way was better…etc)
    2. Share how your life is NOW that you’re in Christ (i.e. I have peace in the midst of my turmoil…i have a new lease on life…I look forward to each day…etc)
    3. Share what you EXPECT Christ to do (i.e. I expect Him to meet me needs…comfort me when I’m down…etc)
    4. Sit back and watch God work in their lives…I’m excited for you – keep me posted!!!

  11. The question i ponder with everyday is, what's my purpose here on earth. also, how can i'd become a better young woman.

    • Thanks for stopping by & posting your question & what a great question! You've asked a question that many have pondered for generations. Discovering one's purpose is a life-long journey that all take. The short answer is to discover what you're passionate about; what you're gifted to do; & what comes easy & natural. From there I would explore many options until one "clicks." The best book that attempts to address this question is "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. Later this year our church will launch The Purpose Driven Life campaign with small groups. It will be an exciting event! Stay tuned!

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