Sermon/Series Planning 2009: What would you like to hear…


What Would YOU Like To Hear Taught Next Year?

year in November our team breaks away for our annual teaching calendar
planning retreat where we lay out a general idea of where we sense God
wants to take us over this next year in terms of teaching and subject

This week, we will be spending the next several hours focused on praying, planning, and brainstorming.  So please pray for us!

But here's my BIG question for all of you….

What topics/subjects would YOU like to hear teaching on? 

love to hear your ideas!  So leave a comment!  Maybe your feedback will
spark a great idea for Mars Hill or even others over this next year! 

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14 thoughts on “Sermon/Series Planning 2009: What would you like to hear…

  1. I’d like to hear you talk about Balance. You bring it up every now and then, but you haven’t drilled down on the importance of balance, be it work/life, church/home, etc. Or, if you did…my mind must have drifted 😉

  2. I would like to hear you teach on “Exposure”. How we have to be mindful of what we allow ourselves and children to be exposed to. Life or Death?

  3. What about a series for singles? I have a few friends who complain that you’re always talking about issues that have to do with married people and people with kids and they’re searching for something for “singles”.

  4. TMarie,
    You’re right & our team addressed this issue. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I was single. However, in 2009, we’re launching a “HUGE” initiative called “FUSION.”
    Fusion is an environment where single adults come to build authentic friendships and get connected.
    Fusion Gatherings consists of gatherings of singles who meet (time to be determined)in various locations around the Chicagoland Area.
    Additionally, I doing a series that relates directly to singles called: “Triple S” Single, Saved, & Satisfied
    Stay tuned…
    Thanks for the suggestion and ironically I’m planning to address this issue called “Identity Theft.” It’s basically about how the enemy presents false images & makes us believe we’re nothing if we don’t adhere to those images.
    Stay tuned…
    You’re prayers have been answered. I have a series planned called “Cheaters.”
    This series presents a strategic plan for resolving the tension between work, home, ministry, hobbies, etc. Trust me, it’ll bless you.
    Stay tuned…

  5. I would like to hear sermons for the christian woman who is married to an unsaved husband.
    How to live with a husband who is unsaved and not lose the hope for his salvation.

  6. I would like to hear sermons for the christian woman who is married to an unsaved husband.
    How to live with a husband who is unsaved and not lose the hope for his salvation.

    • My husband is unsaved and he is seeing a younger woman. God can do all things. You pray,seek God and above all dont let Satan steal your joy. I know what you are going through. God can see you through anything. Lean on God is my suggestion.Only God can save him.Keep praying

  7. Combined Families!! Couples who marry each other in which they have children from previous relationships! That subject is so needed and an absolute must!!

  8. i would like for you to teach on the different between man & women. how a man can have sex with a woman just for fun but womens feelings gets involved.

  9. I like the fact that you are a true minister. It really sad that some of your members are not following what you are teaching.
    You should title one of your sermons on adultery. I think it is wrong if you are in church and you are seeing a married woman or married man, this is not what God commands of us.

    • Thanks for taking time to read & comment on my blog. I agree; it's sad that some don't listen & follow what I'm teaching. However, there are a few who do listen and make the world a better place. Please stay tuned because I plan to teach on that very subject this year!

      Thanks again for sharing!

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