Welcome to #Rewind

Welcome to Facebook Live Streaming

With Facebook’s newest feature Facebook Live, you can start a Live broadcast that’s posted to the News Feed, watch comments overlaid in real-time on their stream, and then make the recording permanently available for viewing. I’m using Facebook Live to review the previous Sunday message and live stream a video devotional. I’m calling it #Rewind.

How to particiate in #Rewind

#Rewind is a live stream (via Facebook Live) designed for us to look back to Sunday’s message and allow God’s Spirit to prompt us in areas that need to change in our lives (before we shelve the thoughts in the archives of our mind).

    1. Recall: a quick blurb about the big idea of the previous Sunday message along with links to the audio/video/transcription of the message (in case you missed it or want to go back to it),
    2. Reflect: Some key questions to digest as a group, family, or individually, and
    3. Respond: Action steps that might be helpful to pursue a healthy change in our daily lives.

    If you'd like to receive the #Rewind study guide, please subcribe and download your copy.

    Pastor Clarence E. Stowers, Jr.

    At Mars Hill, “we become all things to all people that we may win some to Christ.” Therefore, we decided a long time ago to use technology as another tool to help people find their way back to God.