What I Learned From Watching ‘Scandal’

Like many, I eagerly anticipated the airing of the show Scandal. Whenever I see beautiful, African Americans who are power players in our Nation’s capital, I’m excited.  So, like millions, I was glued to the TV wondering what would happen to Hollis, will Fitz divorce his wife, and would Olivia & Edison become a permanent item.

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If you’re a fan of the show, you may be offended if you continue reading.

With all the strong television shows for women, I don’t know why a beautiful, African American women forsakes a relationship with an African American Senator (Edison) for a married man (President Fitz).

I know why…love makes you do crazy things & act out of character.

Before you go sucking your teeth, rolling your eyes and calling me self-righteous, hear me out. I think there is an opportunity here to encourage the writers of the show to be bold and courageous.

I am rooting for the show to succeed, but, the creators have to be fearless and let Olivia Pope not be another man’s mistress. She’s too beautiful, too strong, and too smart for that.  I say let Olivia Pope control the interactions with her lovers. Don’t allow her to be a woman of straw that bends in whatever direction her lover needs. Additionally, I’d love to see her relationship with Edison grow into a beautiful picture of a healthy/strong relationship.

Finally, If not Edison, Olivia needs a new love interest and assert her independence from Fitz.  People seem to be ignoring the fact Olivia is having an affair with a married man.  In my humble opinion, that isn’t romantic…it’s actually tragic and pathetic.


At the end of the day Olivia goes home to her apartment ALONE and single…hardly an equal relationship.

What are your thoughts about today’s post?

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2 thoughts on “What I Learned From Watching ‘Scandal’

  1. Pastor, you have a point. I believe we get lost in the love. They both seem to have such a strong love for each other. I personally didn’t like how it ended, she was left all alone in the church, she gave up her chance for a healthy relationship, for Fitz, who ignored that fact that the only way he got in office was the group. I felt really sad for her. It reminds me of how so many women always let the boring guy go for the bad boy, who is never good for us. We want love but we never want what’s best for us. Always on the wide road, never on the narrow road.

    • Hey Cassandra,

      Thanks for stopping by & reading my blog. I knew I’d ruffle a few feathers when I decided to blog about it. The way the show ended was a reality check that needed to be aired. Everything doesn’t end happily ever after – especially when it’s conceived in wrong. This should serve as a reminder that the “side chick” never wins.

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