What's up with Tavis Smiley & Cornell West…


T.W., a member of our blog family enlightened me about Tavis’ disparaging remarks regarding Presidential hopeful Barack Obama.  Here’s her post in context.

"Tavis has made several implications that would make a person (if they
didn’t research and know for themselves) think that Barack is not
fighting for justice or for issues concerning our race. He was very upset that Barack didn’t attend his State of the Black
Union this year and made it seem as if Barack was avoiding talking
about “our” issues. I understood and understand that Barack is in a
fight for the candidacy right now and had to be in whatever state at
that time.

The latest remarks were from Dr. Cornell West saying that he was
bothered and disappointed by Barack not going to Memphis for Dr. King’s
memorial on April 4th. Their sentiments were that he was putting his
candidacy above honoring Dr. King. They stated that he remained silent
on that day yet he spoke about Dr. King and his legacy while he was in

On the April 8th segment of the Tom Joyner show Tavis ended his talk by
saying “If the cost to occupy the White House is to be muzzled and to
render black suffering invisible, then for me, it’s too high a cost."  I understand that every black person isn’t going to vote for Barack
just as every woman isn’t going to vote for Hillary but what I don’t
understand is why Tavis thinks that he is the spokesperson for black
people on black issues, especially regarding Barack and his candidacy.
He’s received a lot of backlash from his supporters regarding his

Thanks T.W. – very insightful analysis of the situation. 

In my opinion, I’ve decided to nominate both Tavis and Cornell to the "Hateration Federation."  Both Tavis and Cornell can give the keynote address at the annual Hateration Convocation.  Make sure the servers continuously fill their glasses with "Haterade" while they continue to hinder progress. 

That’s right – I said it!

What’s your take?

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One thought on “What's up with Tavis Smiley & Cornell West…

  1. Hmph – I’m not sure what’s up w/them, but you Pastors sure aren’t holding back any punches about this. I happened to be perusing iTunes yesterday and realized that Jamal Bryant does (or well did) a podcast. There’s only like three episodes on there. His last one was on Easter Sunday, “Jeremiah Wright Wasn’t Wrong.” WHEW!!! I listened to it this morning. I strongly encourage you to just take a listen – it’s not long, maybe 35 minutes or so – but um, yea, you’ve gotta hear what the man is preaching about.

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