Where You'll Be In Five Years Depends On…

Who you’ll be in five years depends on:


  • what friends you surround yourself with
  • what you read
  • what you eat
  • what you watch
  • what you hear
  • what you change
  • what you let go
  • what you plan for
  • what new thing you try
  • what new places you go
  • what you believe about God
  • what you believe about yourself
  • what you believe about others
  • what you invest your time in
  • what you volunteer for
  • what skill you’re learning
  • what courage you have to make mistakes
  • what mistakes you’ll make
  • what you’ll learn from your mistakes

So WHAT are you doing today?

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8 thoughts on “Where You'll Be In Five Years Depends On…

  1. UP, man thanks for this list. I perused it, but I will ponder it more comprehensively today and add a more in-depth comment. Timely for me, especially given some decisions I need to make.

  2. Hey pastor I was reading your message “where will you be in five years depends on” my question is about friends do u stop being their friend or u continue to talk to them just not everyday my mind and heart tell me at times to space myself from this person but I don’t wanna be rude. How do I go about this without hurting this person feelings

    • Hey Shemika,

      I trust that all is well with you today! Thanks for taking time to stop by my blog and share your thoughts. I hope you enjoyed the post and you asked a very loaded question. Please know that it’s difficult for me to give advice without knowing person. I do, however know when God gets ready to do something new, he changes your taste. It’s a fact of life that sometimes we outgrow people. Our experiences take us in new directions and sometimes the changes are too steep for others to go. We have to remember that friends are seasonal. What worked was well in one season may not work well in the next season. Only time will tell! I would invite you to assess the relationship, give it some distance, and see how the person responds.

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